Asian Pacific American Ocean Harmony Alliance

亞太裔美國人海洋 和諧聯盟
Save The Shark, Save The Ocean

保護鯊魚‭, ‬保護海洋

The Asian Pacific American Ocean Harmony Alliance (“APAOHA” – rhymes with “ALOHA”) was created to represent Asian Pacific Americans (APAs) who support AB 376 to ban the sale, trade, possession and distribution of shark fin. Similar legislation to ban shark fin has recently been successfully signed into law in Hawaii and the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands. The growing demand for shark fin soup threatens the existence of sharks and will upset the balance of healthy ocean and marine ecosystems and leave our children and grandchildren with a world that is less healthy.

Who We Are
Because individuals are not listed in support of legislation as part of the state legislative process and there is no existing state APA organization that advocates on environmental conservation, the Asian Pacific American Ocean Harmony Alliance was created to represent the numerous respected APA community leaders and advocates that support the ban on shark fin. Prominent APA chefs, artists, activists, scholars and elected officials have already joined this cause.

Listen To The Asian Voices on Shark Fin:

What We Believe
Thousands of years of established Chinese philosophy emphasizes the importance of preserving harmony between humanity and nature. The Chinese idiom “tian ren he yi” (天人合一 ) that respectively means nature, human beings, mutual understanding and friendship, and oneness exemplifies the deep cultural significance of conservation to the Chinese.

Although shark fin soup has been a customary Chinese entree for years because of its association with prestige and privilege, the APA community must help reduce the consumption of shark fin in order to protect the ocean ecosystem that keeps our environment in balance. A number of globally recognized APA chefs support alternatives to shark fin and APAs that want to enjoy premium quality seafood have many sustainable alternatives to choose from. Even the prestigious Pacific Palms Resort in the heart of Los Angeles’ largest Chinese American community has discontinued serving shark fin soup.

Therefore it is imperative for Asian Pacific Americans concerned about protecting the Earth’s natural resources to speak up in support of the ban on shark fin. As such, we are proud to work with environmental organizations that include the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Humane Society of the United States, Heal the Bay, Oceana, Natural Resources Defense Council, and WildAid on this important issue.

Our Growing Alliance of AAPIs

APA Organizations

• Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI)
• Asian Law Alliance
• Asian Pacific Islanders California Action Network (APIsCAN)
• Asian Pacific Islander Caucus of the CA Democratic Party
• Chinese American Citizens Alliance - Salinas Chapter
• Pan Asian Consortium In Employment (PACE)
• Taiwanese American Citizen's League (TACL)
• Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce

• Dan Kuramoto, Founder, Hiroshima*
• Lisa Ling, Journalist
• Chef Charles Phan, The Slanted Door
• Chef Alex Ong, Betelnut
• Belle Yang, Author/Artist
• William Wong, Journalist/Writer

Elected Officials (By Alpha)
• Hon. Nancy Bui, SMUD Board*
• Hon. Sue Chan, Fremont City Council*
• Dr. Michael Chang, Vice Pres., Santa Clara Co. Bd. of Ed.*
• Hon. David Chiu, Pres. San Francisco Bd. Of Supervisors*
• Hon. Darrell Fong, Sacramento City Council*
• Hon. Paul Fong, State Assembly*
• Hon. Warren Furutani, State Assembly*
• Hon. Mary Hayashi, State Assembly*
• Hon. Rod Hsiao, San Mateo County Board of Education*
• Hon. Ashu Kalra, San Jose City Council*
• Hon. Otto Lee, Sunnyvale City Council*
• Hon. David Lim, San Mateo City Council*
• Hon. Henry Lo, Garvey School Board*
• Hon. Evan Low, Campbell City Council*
• Hon. Steve Ngo, San Francisco Community College Trustee*
• Hon. Richard Pan, State Assembly*
• Hon. Phil Ting, San Francisco Assessor*
• Hon. Das Williams, State Assembly*
• Hon. Gilbert Wong, Cupertino City Council*
• Hon. Mariko Yamada, State Assembly*
• Hon. Betty Yee, State Board of Equalization*

Community Leaders
• Dennis Arguelles, Exec. Dir., SIPA*
• Tami Bui, CA API Commissioner*
• Elaine Chiao, Fmr. Pres., APSEA*
• Sue Chen, CEO Nova Medical Products*
• Deborah Ching
• Ricky Choi, Bd. Mbr. TRUE PAC*
• Henry Der, Fmr. CA State Dep. Supt. Of Public Inst.*
• Prof. Bill Ong Hing, USF School of Law*
• Iris Ho, Humane Society
• Dennis Huang, Exec. Dir., Asian Business Assn.*
• Georgette Imura, Fmr. Pres. APYLP*
• Mariko Kahn, Exec. Dir. PACS*
• Keith Kamasugi, Bd. Member CAA*
• Walter Kawamoto
• Judy Ki, Ret. CA Public School Teacher
• Alissa Ko, Fmr. Pres. CA Young Dems*
• Annie Lam, Bd. Mbr. TRUE PAC*
• James T. Lau, Fmr. Exec. Dir. CLCV Education Fund*
• Eunsook Lee, Fmr. Exec. Dir., NAKASEC*
• May Lee, Fmr. Exec. Dir., Asian Resources, Inc.
• Tam Ma, Fmr. Pres. My Sister’s House*
• Prof. Wayne Mayeda, Asian American Studies at CSUS*
• Dale Minami, APA Civil Rights Attorney
• Lindsey Nitta, Pres. Sacramento Young Democrats*
• Paul Osaki, Exec. Dir., JCCCNC*
• Steve Owyang, APA Civil Rights Attorney
• David Ryu
• Kazue Shibata, Exec. Dir. Asian Pacific Health Care Venture*
• Sylvia Tang, Bd. Mbr. TRUE PAC*
• Diane Ujiiye, Fmr. CA API Commissioner*
• MIke Watanabe, CEO AADAP, Inc.*
• Charlie Woo, CEO Megatoys & Founder of CAUSE*
• Elaine Yamaguchi, Fmr. Pres. Sacramento JACL*

(Partial List)

*For Identification Purposes Only