亞太裔美國人海洋 和諧聯盟
Save The Shark, Save The Ocean

保護鯊魚‭, ‬保護海洋

UPDATE: AB 376 passed the Senate Appropriations Committee on a 5-2 vote
(Aye: Kehoe, Steinberg, Price, Alquist, Pavley. Noe: Lieu, Walters. Not Voting: Emmerson, Runner). AB 376 will now go to the Senate Floor for debate in the next 2 weeks.

Contact Your Senator Today and Urge Him/Her to Vote YES on AB 376.


Who We Are
Because individuals are not listed in support of legislation as part of the state legislative process and there is no existing state APA organization that advocates on environmental conservation, the Asian Pacific American Ocean Harmony Alliance was created to represent the numerous respected APA community leaders and advocates that support the ban on shark fin. Prominent APA chefs, artists, activists, scholars and elected officials have already joined this cause.




To understand the impact of shark fin consumption, watch this tragic video:

Eliminating a large consumer market for shark fin like California will help reduce the incentives for illegally finning sharks throughout the globe.